Suicide Webinar

Suicide Webinar

Suicide Prevention in Primary Care:
Current Approaches

Presented by:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Suicide Prevention Resource Center
The Institute for Family Health, New York
Valley Community Health Center, North Dakota
Intermountain Healthcare, Utah


This webinar is designed to build knowledge of suicide prevention activities in primary care settings and increase competency to address this problem. Presenters will provide up-to-date information on suicide prevention strategies to include the Zero Suicide initiative for health systems, the CDC suicide prevention Technical Package, and a Suicide Prevention Toolkit designed for primary care practices. In addition, three primary care organizations will present best practices and strategies to address suicide in these healthcare settings. Suicide prevention resources will be included.

 Part 1:
o Overview of Suicide in Region VIII
o Introduction to the CDC Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices
o Introduction to Zero Suicide for Health Systems
o Implementing Zero Suicide Practices in a Community Health Center

 Part 2:
o Why Address Suicide Prevention in Primary Care
o The Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care Practices
o Suicide Prevention Activities in Primary Care: Two Health Systems


Part 1:

Deb Stone, ScD, MSW, MPH
Behavioral Scientist
Suicide, Youth Violence, and Elder Maltreatment Team
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Julie Goldstein, PhD
Director of Health and Behavioral Health Initiatives
Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Virna Little, PsyD, LCSW-r, MBA, CCM, SAP
Senior Vice President Psychosocial Services/Community Affairs
The Institute for Family Health

Part 2:

Robin J. Landwehr, DBH, LPCC
Integrated Care Manager
Valley Community Health Center

Carolyn Tometich, PMHNP-BC
Behavioral Health Clinical Program Operations Director
Intermountain Healthcare