In-A-Box brings hands-on tools to your classroom

In-A-Box brings hands-on tools to your classroom

Teachers who work with youth, whether in or outside the classroom, play a critical role in educating about healthcare careers. Yankton Rural AHEC provides instructional tools, activities, and information educators can utilize to instruct students and their parents about the many careers in healthcare. Some resources Yankton Rural AHEC provides are lessons, “In-a-Box” curriculums, classroom visits, professional development/in-services, displays, and participation in career fairs.

These programs offer a fun and exciting environment with real-world examples and experiences. Opportunities are designed for students to discover the possibilities available in healthcare professions, identify college prerequisites and requirements, and to become equipped with tools, information and resources needed to pursue an exciting and satisfying healthcare career.

The In-A-Box learning modules were developed by the Oregon Area Health Education Center. Yankton Rural AHEC purchased the boxes to make them available to South Dakota classrooms. These tools are ideal for grades 4 through 8. Topics include: Guts, Eye, Ear, Brain and Bones & Muscles. Included are teacher and ambassador handbooks along with links to other sources to expand the lesson. Each box contains hands-on artifacts like a foot model, sound meter, eye model, dvds, books, and “bag o’ guts simulation.

New in 2016, Yankton Rural AHEC added “On-The-Go” learning modules to the lineup. The “On-The-Go” curricula was developed by the Northeast SD AHEC. With On-The-Go’s, students will learn about the heart and lungs. With the heart module, students uncover functions of the heart and circulatory system. Items inside this crate include: stethoscopes, heart model, pig heart, fat loss monitor, pumping heart model, books, games and more. With the Lung – On-the-Go module, students learn about lung health and how to maintain it. The crate includes: Lung X-rays, asthma check peak flow meter, plastic lung model, DVDs, books, posters, games and more.

Call Yankton Rural AHEC at 605-655-1400 for more information on getting healthcare career tools to your students. Watch our posts for more tools and links. See link to brochure below.

In A Box – On The Go Brochure