Kayla Munger Blog

Kayla Munger on her time in Hot Springs

Week One:

One full week in Hot Springs has past, and all I can say is that I am loving it! The hospital/clinic and the staff are amazing. Danielle and I felt welcomed right away. The first two days were spent touring the facilities, getting to know the staff, completing some online training, and learning the daily and weekly schedules the hospital and clinic follow. Throughout the rest of the week we attended morning rounds and swing bed rounds, shadowed in the clinic, helped out in the pharmacy, attended dementia training with the hospital’s clinical psychologist, help the assisted living in town transfer from paper documentation to an electronic system, saw a paracentesis performed, and so much more. 

 We’ve have also got a chance to explore the town of Hot Springs and the Black Hills with Greg, who is the other pharmacy student here on rotations. So far since being here we joined the local gym, went to several restaurants, went to the bowling alley, and today Danielle and I hiked Little Devil’s Tower up by Sylvan Lake. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this coming week!

Week Two:

It has been another fun week out here in Hot Springs! This week Danielle and I got to learn a lot more about the business side of the hospital. We met with clinical informatics, health information management, purchasing and supply, the CFO, and we got to attend several committee and staff meetings. It was very interesting to see what all goes on in the clinic and hospital outside of what the providers, nurses, pharmacists, etc. do. I got to spend some time at the State Veteran’s Home with one of the nurse practitioners, and got to see what kind of services are provided and needed in that unique facility. I got to see some interesting cases come into the ER this past week, got to perform an ultrasound under the guidance of the technician, and even performed my first steroid injection into an arthritic joint under the guidance of one of the physicians here! 

Danielle and I have also had some great opportunities to explore the town and the surrounding areas. We went to a couple local restaurants and shop, hiked Black Elk peak together, went boating on Sheridan Lake, and I participated in the Volksmarch at Crazy Horse with some friends and family nearby! Can’t wait to see what is in store for us this week!

 Week Three:

As this past week was wrapping up I couldn’t believe that this REHPS experience is almost over! The time has flown by so fast! It has truly been an amazing experience so far, and I find myself wishing I had more time out here. Hopefully in the coming years when I start my clinicals in Spearfish and Rapid City I can find a way to come back to Hot Springs for awhile!

This past week was busy once again. Danielle and I spent plenty of time in the hospital, clinic, nursing homes, lab, and pharmacy getting to help out with all sorts of care for the patients. This week we also got to spend time with the psychiatrist at the facility which I really enjoyed! I also got more opportunities to practice my clinical skills in the clinic by being able to perform another steroid injection into an arthritic knee and a punch biopsy. On Thursday, we got the amazing opportunity to visit the Pine Ridge Reservation and the IHS hospital there. We got to tour most of the facility and talked to nurses, pharmacists, hospitalists, midwifes, PAs, ER physicians, etc. It was amazing to hear about their experiences and about some of the challenges they face as a different kind of rural setting. 

During the week we got to do and see plenty of fun things outside the hospital as well. On Tuesday night we went out to the Director of Pharmacy’s ranch and had a barbecue with some of the other staff, and we got to help feed the longhorn cattle. On Wednesday we got the opportunity to go pontooning on the lake right outside of Hot Springs, which was an absolute blast! Can’t wait to see what our last week in Hot Springs brings!


Week Four: