Shelby Rabenberg Blog

Shelby Rabenberg on her time in Platte

Week One:

The week started off with a tour of the Platte Hospital and Clinic. Being from Platte, I have seen both before but I haven’t been back for awhile so it was nice to see everything again. After the tour, I was lucky enough to give Patrick a tour of the town since I am rather familiar with it Throughout the week, I spent time in the lab, radiology, physical therapy, the local pharmacy, and the chiropractic office. It has been so nice to see these different departments and what they each consist of on a daily basis! It’s crazy how much we interact with other departments but don’t really have a clue of what they actually do. This experience has been great so far and I’m loving doing it in my hometown!

Week Two:

Week 2 started off great! I had the opportunity to visit the Avera eCare Center in Sioux Falls. The Platte hospital utilizes Avera’s eCare services often so it was awesome to see how it works in person. This type of setting was one I had never been exposed to before and it is such a unique setting. While I was there, I was able to spend some time in the ePharmacy with one of their pharmacists. It was so interesting to see how their pharmacists handle the orders they receive from multiple hospitals¬†on the daily. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Avera eCare!
Most of week 2 was spent in the clinic. I was able to follow one of our physician assistants as well as one of our nurse practitioners. I enjoyed these clinic days very much! It was fun seeing the variety of patients and cases that these providers deal with on a daily basis. I was also able to spend some time in our hospital pharmacy. I’m not very experienced with hospital pharmacy so it’s also interesting to see the tasks the pharmacist deals with.

Week Three:

It’s crazy to think that I’m starting my last week of the REHPS program! Week 3 was yet another fun and interesting week. I started off the week with a full day at the dental clinic. This day was very interesting to me because it is something I have never shadowed and I don’t know much about it at all. I was able to watch the dentist do many interesting procedures which I enjoyed watching very much! I spent some time again with the hospital pharmacist and was able to fill some of the dispensing machines as well as calculate some doses. I spent a full day on the floor with the nurses which was fun to see the tasks they do on a daily basis! On Friday, Patrick and I did our community project at Meyerinks Farm Service. We held a blood pressure and blood glucose screening for all of the employees. It was a great way to get some hands on practice!

Week Four: