2018 REHPS Mikinze Jones

Monday May 7th, 2018 I arrived in Miller about 45 minutes before I needed to be there, as I was so excited to start my new experience in a town I have never been to before. I have heard so many good things about the town and about the experiences people have had when visiting. It starting out with a meet and greet breakfast with such friendly faces. Marissa gave Gabbie and me a tour of the facility and the town. One thing that really warmed my heart and stuck out is that everyone was so polite and genuine. They waved and greeted us, even the people driving past in cars waved at us! These are very good qualities (kindness, empathy, and happiness) to have when working interprofessionally. It makes the patient feel better at home, more willing to confide in health professionals and therefore helping improve the patient’s health.

While I was in Miller, I had the privilege of working with Travis at Miller Rexall Drug. Before I had even met the guy, everyone told me nothing but good things about him and what great care he gives. Low and behold, he does live up to the name. One thing that really surprised me is that all of the workers, not just Travis, in this pharmacy knew every single person who walked into that door. It was amazing! They would ask how so-and-so’s grandson was doing in baseball, or how a trip the patient went on the past week was. This pharmacy was not trying to make profits or sell things patients do not need. This pharmacy was interested in keeping their patients in their best state of health. I also noticed that the doctors in the town would send over several medication options to Travis, and would have him decide which one was the best fit to the patient. This type of trust really helps patients get the best care they can get from healthcare providers and is definitely something that is one in a million.

One of the afternoons during my time in Miller was spent with Dr. Hopkins and following him as he did the appointments scheduled with him. I was able to see how a doctor makes decisions and understand the process they go through when making drug recommendations. As a student pharmacist, it really helps to see this side of things.

During one of my afternoons in Miller, I was able to hang out with the respiratory therapy crew. On this particular afternoon, Marissa and I went to the house of a patient who has equipment that is maintained through the hospital in Miller. I thought this was a really unique experience, as Marissa hadn’t been there for a couple months (they only go once a month to said house) and they picked up conversation like old friends. I love this aspect of knowing your patients and your customers. It allows you to know them not only as a health record, but as a person who is trying to be at their best health possible.

There are so many wonderful things I wish I could share and condense down but I did my best. I apologize if they are kind of long, but Miller seriously had an impact on me. I will hold this experience near and dear to my heart as I continue my education. I am so thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful experience and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I wish everyone who is going in the health care field could have such an experience to help tie together how everything flows. It is not only beneficial to future nurse practitioners or pharmacists but nurses, laboratory technicians, and radiologist technicians as well. It connects so many dots in the health field, and really opens a person’s eyes up to see that all disciplines are there to help the patient.