2019 REHPS Abby Mettler

The first week of my REHPS experience is going well! I had the opportunity to meet people from all different areas of the facility, tour Miller, and spent time with the physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and nursing departments. I was impressed with how well everyone knows each other and the ease of communicating between different departments. In this rural setting, employees tend to carry several responsibilities which allows for some variety that you might not see in a different setting. It is evident that the people working at Avera Hand Memorial care about their patients, and employees take the time to give patients that extra attention that leads to high quality care. The employees at this facility also seem to be very active in their community, and I think that is a benefit of working in a rural setting. I am looking forward to learning more about the different aspects of healthcare in Miller and gaining valuable experience during my time here.

As I reflect on my four weeks with the REHPS program, I am grateful for such a wonderful learning opportunity! I was able to fully experience rural healthcare in Miller and see the impact that it has on the community. Being involved in a community project and spending time with each of the different departments allowed me to experience different aspects of healthcare that I had not been exposed to before. The community and everyone at the clinic/hospital were so welcoming, and I truly appreciate the time I was able to spend with everyone. I couldn’t help but notice the extra attention and quality of healthcare that a rural area like Miller is able to provide beyond what I have experienced in some more populated areas. Getting to know and work with patients in this environment was definitely a rewarding experience. I am so thankful for all that everyone did to make this experience such a positive one!