2019 REHPS Courtney Remick

It’s hard to believe my first week at Coteau Des Prairies hospital is already over! This week has been a whirlwind in the best way possible. Starting on Monday I was greeted by a large group of the staff at the hospital with breakfast. We got to go around and introduce ourselves and learn about who works where. It was so cool to see how everyone plays a role in each part of the hospital instead of having set specialties like in the big hospitals. One of the first days, the facility experienced an IT issue and it was amazing to watch how everyone in the hospital came together to work out a system without electronic communication. Everyone worked hard to make sure we created the best possible method for dealing with the down time. Since everyone is so close and crosses over in so many areas, the transition was unbelievably smooth. I’ve loved getting to see all of the specimens this hospital has come through the doors, bacteria I’ve never heard of, test results I never thought I’d see in person. We get so many interesting cases since this is the first place people go to get help before going to a big hospital! I’ve learned so much this first week alone and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for me the next three weeks!


The second week at Coteau des Prairies hospital has been a fast one! I had the opportunity to shadow two different surgeries this week and it was amazing to see the different aspects of the hospital. Each of the doctors has so many skills and areas they excel in that I’m always amazed at the things they do. It was so fun to see the different areas of the hospital truly work together during surgeries, from lab collecting specimens, to nurses aiding before, during and after the surgery, and the doctors performing the surgery. This hospital is a well-oiled machine! I’ve gotten even more experience in the lab that has been so valuable for me, connecting concepts I’ve learned in class to real life situations. It’s also prepared me for this coming year in school and I truly feel as though I’m a step ahead with my learning already. I can’t believe that I’m already halfway done with my time in Sisseton, I’ve come to love every aspect of this hospital and I’m ready to soak in every second of the next two weeks!


It’s hard to believe my third week in Sisseton is already done and I don’t even have a full week left here! This week has been a truly amazing week inside and outside of the hospital! I was able to watch a laparoscopic cholecystectomy earlier in the week to round out the surgeries I would be observing. We also had some interesting ER cases come in that was fun to see through their treatment between the doctors, nurses, lab, and every other area that worked together. I love seeing how fast we can get news from one department to the next since the hospital is so close and many people overlap in areas. Beyond an amazing week in   the hospital, Kelsey and I were able to have some fun outside of the hospital! We were invited by one of the women in the hospital to attend a canvas painting night and it was so fun to see a group of the CDP women try their hand at painting! Kelsey and I were also together this week to put the finishing touches on our community outreach project that we are doing in our fourth (and final!) week.