2019 REHPS Jarret Fowler

Through the REHPS program I had the opportunity to see the Sturgis Regional Hospital and Clinic from a new perspective. I am originally from Sturgis, SD but with the help of this program I really appreciated the chance to get a inside look at how rural hospitals/clinics function.  Much of my time was spent working with a family practice physician assistant in the clinic. With the aging population, many of the patients had complex comorbidities with multiple medical problems. I was able to see how the patients were managed with medications as well as the extensive lab, medical imaging, and therapies that the clinic has to offer, similar to a bigger facility.

Additionally, I was able to follow medical lab technicians, radiology technicians, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Being able to see healthcare via an interdisciplinary standpoint has helped me improve how I will practice as a physician assistant. We also had several meetings set up with management and administration to see how a smaller hospital can function while optimizing the way they code, bill, and operate with the various medical fields Sturgis has to offer. The REHPS program has helped me realize that medicine relies heavily on multiple facets working together in order to provide optimal care for each and every patient.