2019 REHPS Kelsey Grimsrud

My first week at Sisseton has been a wonderful experience so far. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly and have made this transition an easy one. Being in a rural location really creates a sense of community within the facility and each department gets along with one another.

Week two: Being in a small hospital has allowed me to participate in many experiences that occur within the hospital. It is amazing how I can spend the morning in the operating room and then the afternoon in the emergency department. Everyone is eager for me to be there which has helped make this a wonderful experience

The Coteau des Prairies Hospital and Clinic has been a great place for me to gain experience as a nurse practitioner student. Because of its rural location, I have been able to see many different people with many different health problems. This has helped me build my confidence when working with diverse patients.

I have had such a positive experience at Coteau des Prairies Hospital and Clinic. Being in the operating room, clinic, and emergency department helped me practice various skills. I am grateful for the opportunity that the REHPS program has given me.