2019 REHPS Lauren Libbesmeier

Week 1: So far, my experience has been incredible at Landmann-Jungman Memorial Hospital. Kim and I moved in on Sunday evening with a host family, Mike and Lynn Buck. Everything is fully furnished and they are very kind and inviting. She is a great cook! The hospital is small & close-knit—it is neat to see how all of the departments work together and collaborate to provide the best care possible to their patients. There was a Healthcare Appreciation Supper on the very first night we were here (because of Hospital Week), so we were able to meet some of the community members the very first night. I mainly hung out with the Laboratory staff this week. I was able to visit Physical Therapy one afternoon, as well as a Nurse Practitioner. I was able to see the NP stitch up a young boy’s finger that was cut. This is the most invasive procedure I have ever seen done, which was very exciting!

Week 2: I am still enjoying my time in Scotland! This week, I was able to follow a Hospital Nurse, the retail Pharmacist, and attend a “Stretching Session” with the Physical Therapist at West Winds. It is very wet here—most of the small talk while drawing patient’s blood is about the rain and if we will ever get around to planting crops. I love Southern SD! It is very interesting to me to be around the Reservations and the Hutterite colonies—especially when those individuals are patients. They both have a very different way of going about life.

Lauren and Kim ready for their community presentation, “How to protect yourself from sunburn and West Nile.”

Week 3: This week flew by extremely quick! I was able to shadow at the front desk and get a tour of the new X-ray room and the CT machine. Imaging is probably my favorite result to look at when it comes to patient care (right alongside laboratory specimens.) I was even able to take X-rays and CT scans of the dummy doll! I like to see what other staff does on a day-to-day basis, but I think the part I enjoy the most is visiting with them about what school they attended, what path they took to get to where they are today, and what is going on in their lives. This weekend, the VFW hosted their annual Youth Fishing Derby which is where Kim and I did our Community-based project. Because of the large amounts of rain this year, the bugs have been awful. We handed out sunscreen and insect repellent wipes, along with two pamphlets on sun safety and West Nile virus, respectively.

Week 4: My last week here at the Hospital was very bitter-sweet. I didn’t want to leave! We did our presentation on Monday and expressed our gratitude for the hospitality and kind words during our stay. It was refreshing to hear they enjoyed our presence as well, and wished us luck on the rest of our journeys. I followed a Clinic Nurse, zipped over to Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton (where our send-out tests go) to get a feel for the micro and blood bank departments. I am so thankful for this experience and all of the individuals I met here in Scotland!