2019 REHPS Michael Quinlivan

I’ve been in Burke SD for a little over a week so far and I’m enjoying my time here. The people in the community have been welcoming and nice. I’ve spent the majority of the time in the clinic which has been interesting to see how busy it is for a small community. I have spent some time in pharmacy, physical therapy, and lab. These experiences have helped me understand what goes into the total care of patients. My favorite experience so far is taking care of patients in the critical access ER. I have been an ER nurse for 7 years and it has been fun to be in the provider role.  I want to thank the community, hospital, and staff for helping me feel comfortable in Burke.

The final week of my four-week experience is winding down. It has been a great time here in Burke, SD. I have learned more about my new role as a Nurse Practitioner. I was able to see many different things in the clinic and in the Emergency Department.  The community has made me feel welcome and I see that this is a great place to call home.  I would like to thank everyone at the hospital and around the community for making my experience in Burke one I’ll never forget!