2019 REHPS Ryan Hall

My two weeks in Platte, SD have been phenomenal so far. During my first two weeks at the hospital I have been exposed to numerous fields of rural healthcare. A majority of my time has been in the lab, but I have also experienced physical therapy and been able to listen, as well as help with exercises with elderly ladies. These ladies are hilarious and it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. I have also spent time with a PA, CNP, ER nurses, and the dentist. I have been able to see multiple procedures with each of them. It has been awesome to see how the patient flows through the clinic and hospital, and why they are being sent to certain places. 

Since the day I arrived in Platte, every single person in the community has been super welcoming. They want us to have the best experience possible here, and are willing to help in anyway possible. Every provider I get the chance to work with is super helpful with answering questions and making sure I have something to take away every day. The patients are more than happy to have us watch and be involved in their hospital visit. I have even seen patients and hospital faculty around town. The care center residents always get popcorn on Tuesdays, but the machine has been broken the past couple weeks. The whole hospital received an email the other day that it was fixed and popcorn was made. We spoke with the residents about it and they were smiling from ear to ear. The simplest things can make these residents day and it puts a smile on my face.  My heart has already grown with my time being here and I have built a sense of care and relationships with patients. I am excited to help and meet more people with my remaining time. 

Carl and I are absolutely spoiled here. I could not have asked for a better host family! They make us feel right at home and a part of their family. I am convinced she is the best cook in Platte. They have a son, Tommy, who is 12, and we have supported him in every baseball game, and have gotten to know the whole team by now. My second day in Platte we were invited to go boating and fishing with someone from the hospital. We caught a few walleye that we kept and we are patiently waiting for our host mother to fry them.