2019 REHPS Sydney Hirschkorn

The last two weeks in Winner have been some of the most informative weeks of my education thus far.  Upon arrival, everyone in the healthcare team made sure to welcome me into the community.  I feel as though I have come to understand the importance of interdisciplinary communication through my time in Winner.  All of the members of the healthcare team communicate with one another frequently throughout the day to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.  Every day is a new day in rural healthcare, and I am grateful that I have been able to see many of the situations that occur.  Every healthcare provider that I have worked with thus far has made sure to explain situations so that I am able to understand what is happening and learn from it.  I have enjoyed my experience thus far, and I look forward to the next two weeks.

My time in Winner was eye-opening and educational. Over my four week experience, I was able to shadow medical professionals in almost every discipline. I was able to witness a variety of events, such as a total hip replacement and occupational therapy sessions.

Additionally, I was able to experience some events that I do not believe I would be able to experience outside of a rural healthcare setting. One of these events was going to White River and Mission with a provider for outreach work. This experience really opened my eyes to what it is like to live in a community that doesn’t have immediate access to healthcare. Many of the patients from these locations would be transferred to Winner for care.

I was also able to attend several community events. I went to Winner Summer Nights with my roommates, which was a fun event because it helped me feel more integrated into community events. I presented with my partner at the Community Heath Fair about how to reduce fall risk by removing hazards in your home and raising awareness of which medications may increase your risk. I concluded my time in Winner by attending the Winner Drive-In, where I was able to experience their famous concession stands.

Overall, I had a wonderful time in Winner. I believe that having the opportunity to learn about other health professions will help me be a better pharmacist in the future. I am grateful that I was able to participate in the REHPS program, and I can’t wait to hear about experiences that other students have had.