2019 REHPS Tristan Wieseler

Prior to the start of the REHPS program in Bowdle, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Upon arrival, Christian and I were welcomed by all members within the facility.  All the employees were very personable and wanted to know about our upbringing and interests.  They were very encouraging and open to showing us new things within the rural health care setting.  Having mostly retail pharmacy experience, being within a hospital/clinic setting was new to me.  Within the first two weeks, I was able to see different procedures and how other healthcare professionals handle certain situations.

Within the first two weeks, I was able to sit in on PT, OT, Speech Pathology appointments, colonoscopies, endoscopies, lipoma removals, x-ray, CT scanning, and many other procedures that I would not have been able to see if it weren’t for the REHPS program. I was also able to watch emergency medicine and how patients are treated within the emergency department.

One scenario that I will never forget was when a patient within the clinic facility required immediate emergency medicine.  Working alongside the providers and nurses, the patient was stabilized and went on their way.  During this short 15 minutes while the patient was in critical condition, I remember my heart racing.  Having to recall information within that situation was more challenging for me.  Although after the situation resolved, I can say that I learned a lot about myself and how to handle myself in a fast-paced situation.  I am grateful for the opportunity and I know that it was beneficial for my education.

Overall, the first two weeks of the experience have been a lot of fun.  I have learned so much about rural health care and a lot about myself. The facility is very welcoming and making it feel like home.  I am very lucky to have been placed in the Bowdle location and am looking forward to the final two weeks.


The last two weeks in Bowdle have gone just as fast as the first. Christian and I continued to see different aspects of healthcare that our professions would not expose us to. We got to continue observing within our professions, but also got to see cardiac rehab, laboratory, home health, and many others. Without the REHPS program, we would not have been able to experience these areas of healthcare.

During the last week, we were taken on a guided fishing trip with our preceptors. We spent a majority of the day out on the water and catching fish. It was a relaxing time out on the water, and a fun experience for Christian and I. We also had the opportunity to have a small baseball clinic with the Bowdle youth baseball team. That was a fun time that allowed us to share our knowledge of the game to the younger kids in the area.

Overall, Bowdle has been like a second home to me. I am extremely lucky to have been placed here. The faculty and staff are all so helpful and relatable and it’s sad to leave the facility after getting so close with the staff. The Bowdle Healthcare Center has been nothing but great to Christian and I and I am glad we got placed here.

I would recommend the REHPS program to anyone. It was extremely beneficial to see rural healthcare and experience it hands on. The amount of knowledge I gained in these 4 weeks is immeasurable. The REHPS program and being placed in Bowdle has been extremely beneficial for my education, and I am so happy that I took the leap and decided to apply! Overall, the REHPS program is an asset to a young professionals education and I would highly encourage all students to apply.