2021 REHPS Skyler Ducheneaux

My experience in Martin exceeded all expectations. They have you jump into action the first day you arrive in Martin. I was able to strengthen my skills and learn many new ones. My time at Bennett County Hospital will forever be something I cherish. I got so much experience and exposure in my three weeks that I now see how special and valuable rural medicine is. Everyone works together as a team and many people wear multiple hats throughout the facility.

An experience I will carry with me forever is the hardships of living in a rural community. Everyday we would see people utilizing the Emergency Room over the clinic, skipping appointments or not listening to the providers instructions to better themselves. It was an eye opener to what these health care providers deal with everyday and the struggles of people in rural communities. I also got to witness the pride these people felt for their community and the desire for change throughout it.

Furthermore, I am truly grateful to everyone at Bennett County Hospital who gave me this opportunity to learn and to further understand the importance of rural medicine. I feel confident in my skills and look forward to bringing them to clinical this upcoming fall. I had an amazing time because of every person who took the time to teach me while I was there. Thank you to everyone at Bennett County Hospital.