REHPS 2020 Jacob Steckelberg

Prior to the REHPS program , I would have never imagined the variety of experiences I would be able to have at the Bennett County Hospital in Martin, South Dakota. In fact, I had never even been to Martin before, nor had I ever worked in a hospital pharmacy.  Throughout my REHPS experience, I worked closely with Desiree Moreland, the hospital’s pharmacist. She went out of her way to set up different shadowing opportunities to help make my time in Martin as worthwhile as possible.

During my first week in Martin, I spent much of my time in the pharmacy. While working in the pharmacy, I was able to put what I had learned about hospital pharmacy during the past school year into practice. In addition, I was also able to observe Desiree compound sterile medications in the hood and I also became better familiarized with the automated dispensing cabinet, Omnicell. Desiree also served as a helpful and insightful mentor as she provided me with more information about the 340B program as well as about all of the components that go into running a hospital pharmacy.

During my second and third weeks of the REHPS program, I began to go out and shadow other areas of the hospital, such as the Emergency room and the clinic. All of the providers I worked with were great; they really made an effort to keep me involved and answered any questions that I had. I was able to see a variety of different things in the Emergency room, such as patients with DKA, traumas, and overdoses. I never knew what to expect when I was shadowing in the Emergency room. Along with the different experiences I had while working in the Emergency room, I was also able to go on rounds in the nursing home with one of the providers for wound care. I also shadowed physical therapy, lab, behavioral health, and home health.

Everyone at Bennett County Hospital was so friendly and welcoming. I was amazed at all they had to offer even though it is smaller facility. I learned so much during these three short weeks and am so grateful to everyone who made my experience what it was! I feel quite fortunate that I was able to complete my REHPS experience in Martin, SD.