REHPS 2021 Katelynn Jackson

Before starting my REHPS experience at Martin I didn’t really know what to expect. When I arrived at the Bennett County Hospital all of the staff was very friendly and welcoming. The facility is a hospital, nursing home, and rural health clinic all connected in the same building. I didn’t have much hospital pharmacy experience prior to starting the REHPS program. After the first few days at the Bennett County Hospital, I could tell that this experience was going to be a great opportunity to grow as a learner. This experience has allowed me to see and learn about a variety of different areas in the healthcare field. I believe that if it wasn’t for the REHPS program I would never have been given the opportunity to participate in these different areas of healthcare.

     The pharmacist, Desiree Moreland, was a really great preceptor. She did a great job setting up different times for me to visit many different departments within the facility. Throughout my four weeks at Martin, I was able to spend time in the emergency department, clinic, nursing home, physical therapy, lab, radiology, home health, pharmacy, occupational therapy, and ultrasound departments. I really like how each employee at the facility takes on many different roles. I believe that this shows a lot about the character of employees at this facility. It was very cool to see the different priorities of various departments within the facility. I really enjoyed being able to see what each group of professionals does throughout a typical day. I think it is interesting to see how each different department collaborates with the other departments to improve patient care.

One of the departments that I got to spend time with was the home health department. I really enjoyed this experience. During my time with home health, I traveled around the Martin area with a nurse and we visited patients in their homes. I think this is a great service that is available for patients. While spending time with home health, I was able to meet people in the community and learn their story.  

My experience at the Bennett County Hospital gave me a true picture of what healthcare looks like in rural South Dakota. I think that it is great that this small independent hospital has assess to various resources to improve patient care. One example of a resource is Avera eCare, this telemedicine resource is readily available to the staff at this facility. I am very grateful for the REHPS program, as I was able to see and experience things that I may never experience again. I have learned so much from the staff at the Bennett County Hospital and I can’t thank them enough.